skilled-nurseBlueStep Skilled EHR facilitates, not dictates, the coordination, transition, connection, execution and documentation and payment of care wherever it may occur. Marketing, pre-admission planning, assessments, care planning, physician orders, point-of-care charting, MDS, ADLs, MAR/TARs, billing and all other activities necessary to elevate coordinated care and reimbursement are easily managed with one log-in. It is also the only EHR system with a native QualityReview/Quality Indicator Survey module for managing quality care and rehospitalizations.
One of a kind in the industry today, BlueStep EHR’s open and customizable platform empowers providers to customize any aspect of the system and even embed 3rd party applications directly within the EHR platform, enabling providers absolute freedom to build, change and utilize whatever systems are optimal for their situation now and strategic adaption for the future.

  • Comprehensive EHR solution for care, coordination, analytics and reimbursement with one point of data entry.
  • Customized user experiences, scalable reports, alerts/triggers, dashboards and portals add power to providers’ internal or proprietary initiatives – no more work-arounds or excel files.
  • Real-time monitoring of operational, staff and care activities
  • 3rd party care providers and vendor integration available for pharmacy, labs, supplies, imaging, HIE


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