More than ever before, nursing homes are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of measuring and acting on quality initiatives to improve quality of care. The Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) instituted by CMS is one very important aspect of this. VorroHealth’s QualityReview system provides nursing home operators the ability to perform quality analysis according to exact QIS standards set forth by CMS.

Reviews can be performed at anytime, anywhere with any web-enable device. Results are instantly calculated and help nursing homes quickly highlight areas that need attention, identify residents at risk, and greatly improve QIS, better manage return to Hospital rates and positively impact traditional survey outcomes.

  • Based on the exact QIS by CMS
  • Fewer QIS and Traditional Survey deficiencies.
  • Achieve Quality Care while improving survey results.
  • Quickly highlight residents at risk.
  • Provides tools for continuous Quality Improvement.
  • Reduces CMPs by improving Quality Care.
  • Provides 5-Star support
  • Increases ACO success


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