Open and connected care

In today’s collaborative environment, more Health Systems and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) are required to move and share larger volumes of clinical and financial data.  To handle the secure transfer of data, they are looking for a robust systems integration platform.  They are searching for solutions that:

  • Coordinate care and data with Long-Term Care and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) systems

Coordinate care and data with LTPAC systems

Meaningful use, interoperability issues and healthcare standards requirements are pressing. Currently patient information is locked in different silos of data, and a trusted patient-centric view cannot be achieved without an information exchange infrastructure. VorroHealth’s BridgeGate Health™ Clinical Care Exchange™ platform goes beyond traditional ‘interface engine’ point-to-point connectivity to enable acute care and primary care providers the ability to coordinate care electronically with long-term care and post-acute care (LTPAC) providers. BridgeGate has long been a leader in long-term care interoperability with customers such as Golden Living and Care One.

An example of BridgeGate’s unique capabilities within long-term care includes the creation of the KeyHIE Transform™ service to enable nursing homes and home health agencies to share patient clinical data electronically.  The low cost (pennies a day) and simple (easy as e-mail) KeyHIE Transform™ service was created in partnership with Geisinger System Services of Geisinger Health System and the Keystone Health Information Exchange (KeyHIE), an ONC Beacon Community.

The BridgeGate Health™ LTPAC Clinical Care Exchange™ enables IDNs and Health Information Exchanges (HIE) to:

  • Share patient clinical data – from Nursing Homes and Home Health agencies
  • Reduce 30-day re-hospitalization – baseline, profile and report clinical data
  • Enable medication reconciliation – obtain real-time patient medication information from LTPAC providers

BridgeGate Health™ interoperates with any LTC EHR system, including:

  • BlueStep
  • MDI Achieve – MatrixCare
  • Optimus EMR

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