Paper MAR … eMAR … now iMAR™ and beyond!

BlueStep’s revolutionary iMAR™ is true integration; connecting communities with physicians, pharmacies, families and other stakeholders of care and concern for the resident through dynamic automation.

Reduce Staff Workload

BlueStep goes beyond the traditional eMAR. Dynamic automation means simplification of routine and repetitive tasks. Enter a resident’s information one time and their information is updated in every section for every user – in real time. If your staff knows how to check email, they can use BlueStep. In a few mouse clicks, staff can chart, add or discontinue medications instantly.

Reduce Liabilities

Maintaining regulatory compliance is simple with BlueStep’s Liability Monitor™. As staff work within the system, critical alerts and notifications are triggered when certain protocols or standards are not adhered to providing perfect documentation and peace of mind.

Connect™ with others in the resident’s circle of care

Not only does BlueStep’s iMAR™ integrate with pharmacy software applications via HL7 standards, but
BlueStep also allows pharmacies remote access to iMAR™ and resident demographics via BlueStep’s PharmacyConnect™ online portal. In addition, families can access their own loved one’s information and care details via BlueStepvi secure FamilyConnect™ online portal.

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