iCARE™ – Integrating care systems with medication administration records

Assisted Living providers need a comprehensive technology solution that integrates medication administration with care systems. iCARE™ includes assessments, service plans, ADLs, vital signs, incident reports, shift change reports and invoicing. In conjunction with BlueStep’s iMAR™ solution, iCARE™ offers additional features tailored to reduce liabilities, reduce staff workload and increase long-term care providers’ profitability. More Confidence with Less Liability Peace of mind is needed as you operate in an increasingly litigious industry. At BlueStep we say, “Perfect documentation and charting is the only perfect defense.” iCARE™ incorporates BlueStep’s proprietary Liability Monitor™. This feature, dynamic reporting, auditing, and alerting, allows companies to build custom parameters and monitor data. Staff members can receive onscreen, email or text message alerts when instances occur – keeping your community compliant with corporate and state regulations. More Care with Less Administration iCARE™ uses a single login for both medication administration and care charting. In addition to care charting, staff can report incidents and make specific notes for each resident that is visible throughout the organization. This reduces redundancy – allowing staff members more time to provide quality care to residents. More Invoices with Less Error Whether a point system, flat monthly fee or other initiative, iCARE’s configurable assessments, service plans and ADLs, automatically create invoices based on client preferences for services. You set up the parameters, your staff charts, and iCARE creates the invoice. iCARE improves the accuracy of invoices and allows them to be sent as PDF documents to responsible parties.

rxIntegrated eMARs

BlueStep Integrated eMARs (Medication Administration Report) charting provides for:

  • Reduction in medication errors due to direct and automated connectivity with Pharmacy providers.
  • Complete tracking of medications assigned to Residents with complete accountability of medication administration.
  • Ease of documentation with powerful, attractive and simple charting (tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.)
  • FamilyConnect reporting on deep or shallow level detail.

geariCare Management

BlueStep Care Management:
  • Integrated assessments and service plans are connected, customizable, and create staff ADL daily tasks.
  • Staff easily and quickly chart ADLs by shift, floor, unit and/or room on any device
  • State-compliant items included for individual states
  • Supports points systems, tier structure, ad-hoc charges or time spent with residents
  • Automated alerts on reassessment schedules, change of conditions, variance charting, etc
  • Incident Reporting, Progress Notes, and more
  • FamilyConnect supports distributing care documentation and important alerts/incidents.

medicalElectronic TARs

VORRO – BlueStep electronic TARs (Treatment Authorization Requests):
  • Dynamic assignment of Treatment orders to resident and care groups
  • Automatic reminders of uncompleted scheduled orders in order to maintain proper care and compliance
  • Easy task assignment by shift, staff, unit, floor, or other options.
  • Ease of documentation with powerful, attractive and simple charting (tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.)
adminMARs / TARs / ADLs Graphical Charting