BlueStep’s technology platforms provide a unique approach to configurable web services with 3 flagship web-based tools:


Relate is a completely integrated and business-user accessible database that allows for secure data collection, management, and publishing over the Internet. Forms, fields, reports, queries, etc. can be created, removed or edited at any time to be deployed in a variety of user-defined interfaces.


Connect enables you to securely get the right information to the right users in the right format at the right time. Organizations gain full control over content, colors, site structure, page layouts, user interface, navigation, images, and more.


HQ™ allows staff to view, author, edit, digitally sign, chart information, receive alerts, review reports or otherwise experience and interact with real-time information based on predetermined securities and permissions. Organizations have the flexibility to customize the staff’s experience at any time and deploy customizations with a click, never needing staff to log off or temporarily bring down the system.

BlueStep offers customizable technology solutions for the following markets: Youth Care, Hospice, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Independent Living, ICMFR, CCRC, Medical Research, Drug Rehabilitation/Intervention, and Counseling Services. Custom development for other market segments is possible upon request.

Many healthcare organizations feel as if they are turning into IT companies that also provide care. Most don’t have the resources to internally maintain multiple software systems and the ancillary expenses of servers, licenses, hardware, and the technically trained staff. At BlueStep we believe that you should manage your technology to meet your needs. Not the other way around.

Additional BlueStep Benefits

Complete Solution

BlueStep combines admissions, clinical (licensed and unlicensed staff activities), iMAR, MDS, therapy, marketing, facility maintenance, survey, HR/staff, housekeeping, and billing and more. Everything in one place!

We also provide the ability for clients to build their own modules and specialized departments and processes directly into the system. Everything built on one dynamic platform.

Powered by our Liability Monitor™, facilities and communities set custom alerts and notifications via text, email, and on-screen alerting. It’s simple. You decide the parameters to watch in any part of the system, who to alert, and how, and we do the rest.


Leave your Java, .NET, and C++ at the door! With BlueStep’s suite of tools: Relate™, Connect™, and HQ™, business people become empowered to edit, create, remove, or adjust every field, form, report, alert, query and interface. It’s so simple. All you need to know is how to point and click! Changes are made with little effort, in real-time and deployed instantly without service interruption.

Secure Mobile Access

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, iPhone, Android, iPad: As a true web-based solution, BlueStep is optimized to work with any web-browsing device. Companies can allow for off-site access to any portion of BlueStep or lock it down based on computer I.D., IP address, or specific user. This allows key individuals to have specialized or full access to any part of the system anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Even if you are married to your job, you don’t have to be married to your building.


BlueStep allows for seamless flow of data and information across all departments and users in real-time. No longer do you have to rely on paper-based systems or logging into multiple software systems to track information in your organization. BlueStep auto-populates forms and fields virtually eliminating errors from transposing information, which comes by way of human error. This greatly reduces liability and decreases staff workload.

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