Let’s Talk Integration

When most people think of integration they think of formats and standards such as HL7, CCD, EDI and XML. But what if I cannot meet the standard? For many it means they cannot participate in data sharing. Most of the software solutions and integration platforms will only accommodate specific formats. Standards are created so that the sharing of information should be easier, and in many cases, it will pave a path for onboarding a good portion of the data. But there is always going to be some percent of trading partners that will not be able to meet the requirements.

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Creating a Strategic Approach to Integration

How often do organizations, whether a start-up or a well-established organization, start with integration as a core business function? Not many. Which is odd because without data exchange, most solutions add no value. If data exchange is so critical, why do we see organizations attacking integration as an afterthought? We do not believe it is done intentionally, typically the focus is on improving, implementing, and strategizing around the core competencies of the organization. Then, suddenly, the need for some new or additional data arises. Now what? Because the immediate need is to resolve the issue at hand, a more global

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