VorroHealth team members are inspired to enable the very best care our customers can provide their residents, patients and families. We advance our LTPAC providers’ capabilities by creating amazingly easy to use, extendable and advanced technologies.

connect-care-engageVorroHealth is the nation’s first LTPAC health information technology vendor to leverage a unique heath record (BlueStep) with an investment in a stunningly differentiated and easy to use integration technology (BridgeGate).

As important, we choose to adopt an “open market” business philosophy. Our integration technology, though unique, is used to enable and enhance any legacy EHR system. We are vendor-agnostic, and we mean it.

Our product strategy focuses on three primary objectives. Integration, Quality of Care and Quality of Life. Or as we like to say we Connect, Care and Engage.


Our BridgeGate technology is the industry’s easiest to use, most efficient and cost-effective solution to integrate disparate systems and databases. This provides clinicians access to the information they need when and where they need it.


Our BlueStep EHR is the industry’s most easily configurable clinical technology platform. The application and reporting capabilities are easily configured by our staff or our customers. This assures that our customers can easily address ever-changing regulatory, clinical and financial requirements.


Our BlueStep platform enables the engagement of family members with residents. FamilyConnect™ helps providers get out of the “bad news business” by automatically communicating important resident information to families. Information such as activities, physician visits, change of conditions, new orders, assessments, service plans, meals, and more can be shared through a secure portal. We call it controlled transparency.

We strive to address these three key objectives in everything we do. In fact it’s how we treat our customers, partners and our own employees. Connect•Care•Engage.

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